About Us

Our History

English Bay Blending and Fine Chocolates is an innovative foodservice, retail and private label company offering fine dry blends, custom wet mixes and exquisite chocolates.

Our roots in the food industry began over thirty years ago with the English Bay Pie Company in 1983. With two locations in Vancouver, B.C, one on Denman Street and the other on Granville Street, owner Jack Seguin, developed an exclusive cookie dough recipe for use in his stores and English Bay Batter Inc was born. In 2001 Jack founded English Bay Blending, followed by English Bay Chocolate Factory in 2007.

Why We Do What We Do

Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing food products of the highest quality has always been our mandate. Created from your recipe or a custom formula derived by our in-house Research and Development team, our attention to detail ensures the product we produce will exceed your expectations.

Our expertly trained staff, wide-range of co-packing capabilities and multiple pack configurations allow us to precisely reproduce a recipe or tailor solutions economically to meet our customers specific needs. We implement strictly regulated procedures for our top of the line equipment.

Our Mission Statement

The co-packing professionals at English Bay Blending and Fine Chocolates can gear up to reproduce your recipes, blends or mixes, then set up strictly regulated production and packing lines. Our team of professionals adheres to strict client requirements – from consistency to sanitation – from taste to timetables.

Because of our deep personal interest in our business and our highly manageable size, we are able to monitor our entire operation closely, constantly, step by step. So our many commitments remain fulfilled and our reputation for delivering what we promised at the highest levels is achieved.